Measuring for a Bracelet 

STEP 1: Measure your wrist with a measuring tape or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.
STEP 2: If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. That would be your wrist size.
STEP 3: To find your bracelet size, just add your wrist size with the appropriate measurements below.
Snug Fit: Add 1/4" to 1/2"
Comfort Fit: Add 3/4" to 1"
Loose Fit: Add 1 1/4" 
Overall fit will vary from person to person, however I strive for each individual to have maximum comfort with my designs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Measuring for a Bangle 

Step 1: Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle. Bring all of your fingers together with your thumb and little finger touching.


Step 2: Measure around the hand at the widest point with a tape measure or a strip of paper. Be sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin. Mark the paper with a pen and measure it with a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your hand.


Step 3: Use the following information to determine the diameter of your hand, based on the circumference. After determining the diameter, choose a bangle that is at least 1/4 inch larger in diameter than the diameter measurement of your hand.


XSMALL- 7-1/2 inches equals approximately 2- 1/4 inches in diameter 

SMALL- 7-3/4 inches equals approximately 2-3⁄8 inches in diameter 

MEDIUM- 8 inches equals approximately 2- 1/2 inches in diameter 

LARGE- 9 inches equal approximately 2- 3/4 inches in diameter 

EXTRA LARGE- 9-3⁄4 inches equals approximately 3 inches in diameter